Digital Tomorrow - Episode 4

The fourth episode of Digital Tomorrow discusses the topic of artificial intelligence with Mr. Fabrizio Falchi, researcher at the Artificial Intelligence for Media Humanities laboratory of the ISTI-CNR Institute.

Where is artificial intelligence research focusing? Since 2012, there have been many new innovative algorithms that have emerged from machine learning, the real turning point that has enabled the development of new systems capable of guaranteeing exceptional performance. When speaking of “machine learning”, we refer to a system of automatic learning that enables computers, and machines in general, to learn from experience and turn it into action. This type of work has implications in many areas, from predictive maintenance to customer care. Today, artificial intelligence is a reality for many goods and services companies, but it is also a driver for the future, which is set to grow. Today, artificial intelligence is an essential opportunity not only for investment and financial returns, but also for employment opportunities.

An important element, in artificial intelligence as well, is human value: it is crucial to input important data into the systems, but also to extract value from the data the machine gives back to us. Something that only human intelligence and creativity can do.

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