The video game Nabbovaldo arrives at Play - Festival del Gioco di Modena


The videogame by the Ludoteca of Registro .it will be presented to the audience of the new edition of "Play - Festival del Gioco", scheduled to take place at Modena Fiere from 20 to 22 May, with the seminar "A cybersecurity school with the videogame Nabbovaldo". During the event, the objectives and tools of the workshops by the Ludoteca of Registro .it dedicated to cybersecurity will be described, with a particular focus on the videogame Nabbovaldo.

Registro’s comic strip “exhibits” itself


The exhibition of Registro . it entitled “Nabbo e Linda a Internetopoli - Fumetti e illustrazioni di Gabriele Peddes per la cittadinanza digitale” was held in Bologna. Over the course of two weeks, said exhibition, which was sponsored by the Municipality of Bologna, saw the displaying of Gabriele Peddes’ original drawings and sketches, taken from the two comic strips belonging to the Internetopoli series and included within the Comics&Science collection, published by the CNR.

“What a Digital World” (2022) or how strange the world would feel without digital!


“What a Digital World”, the Registro .it web series dedicated to the challenges of the digital world that are changing the society we live in, is back with five new episodes, dedicated to new technologies, the digital transformation of companies and the opportunities of the Web. The protagonist of each episode is a complex theme that looks at the future scenarios of the Internet and directly involves businesses, professionals and citizens, with the aim of explaining it in a simple, short and even entertaining way.

2021: with online business and digital identity, . it names increase and defy the crisis


More than 500,000 new names mark the annual growth of .it-branded domains, with an increase of 2.24% in new registrations and totalling 3,450,337 Italian Internet names by 31 December 2021. This is a very important milestone that underlines the importance of Internet presence as a digital identity, Made in Italy and economic revival, considering the Internet as the parallel dimension that has allowed the country to build, work and invest on the Internet, despite the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis.

The Ludoteca of Registro .it will be in Torre del Lago with a seminar on the Internet and minors


14 November will see the experts of the Ludoteca of Registro .it, Giorgia Bassi and Manuela Moretti, hold a seminar addressed to parents and entitled "The Internet and minors: opportunities and potential risks" at the Istituto Comprensivo Torre del Lago, in the town of the same name in the province of Viareggio (LU, Italy).

National Tournament of Cyber Quiz organised by the Ludoteca of Registro .it


On 27 October, on the occasion of the “Conversazioni sul futuro” Festival, the award ceremony of the National Tournament of Cyber Quiz, organised by the Ludoteca of Registro .it, will be held. During the event organised by Registro, the winning team, Grade 4 of Centro Montessori Lecce (school year 2018/2019), will be awarded.

"Let's Bit!'' has reached Elba


The peer education project "Let's Bit!" will be proposed for the first time in an "insular" school, namely the R. Foresi high school of Portoferraio, Elba (LI), from 16 to 18 October.

"Let's Bit!" is a 2015 project of the Ludoteca del Registro .it, which decided to expand the network of its educators so as to make its training content on the Web and the digital world available to children throughout Italy.

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