The cannon shot has gone off! As from today, 5 May 2017, the sixth edition of the .itCup organized by Registro .it is on its way. At the stroke of midnight, the traditional startup competition celebrated the official start of the call for entries, the registration phase, which is open until 23.59 of 3 July 2017.

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So to register for the 2017 edition there are 60 days. The competition is open to both already legally constituted startup companies and also groups of young persons with business ideas still at the developmental stage, as long as they are relevant strictly to the ICT sector. In fact, one of the necessary conditions for entering is that the project presented should be in its early stage, not having received any significant round of funding from investors or from other young entrepreneurship competitions. The reason for this rule is so that the participants can experience a true moment of professional growth within that tailor-made training pathway which is such an important aspect of this competition.

premiazione .itCup 2016

All the finalists gain access to the training itinerary. This year there will be six finalists and, after having been selected by the end of July, they will be hosted at Pisa, to participate in the .itCup School. Unlike other similar competitions, here the training takes place in the field, face to face with the most important Italian mentors. On 4, 5 and 6 October, at the same time as the 2017 Internet Festival, the aspiring entrepreneurs will spend three days in class concentrating on the most delicate startup topics. These range from business models to relations with investors, from team composition to economic-financial management, and with a particular focus on investment processes.

The six finalists, at the last stage, will be in Rome on 26 October, to receive the jury’s final verdict. This will establish who is going to be flying to California, to test out their business ideas in front of an audience made up of primary national investors in the startup sector and other well-known entrepreneurs.



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