The first Quarter of 2022

The year 2022 is crucial, if we consider the renewal of the Registro-Registrar contract, valid for the next three years; this brings along several innovations, from the obligation of the Code of Conduct to the registration for Registrars of the SLD (Sub Level Domain), from the possibility given to the Registrar to delete a domain directly upon explicit request of the Registro, if incorrect data is found, to the modification of the Registration Form, with a specific section for the accuracy of the domain assignee's data. Among the many changes, a fundamental element characterises the new contract: guaranteeing the online identity of assignees of .it names and the correctness of data, which shall correspond to the truth and be accurate.

From the examination made at the beginning of 2022 on the domains registered in 2021, we deduce that 2021 closes on a positive note with a growth of more than 550,000 new domains, which shows the full will of entrepreneurs and citizens to want to reborn from the rubble of a difficult two-year period, due to the pandemic, and to seize the opportunity for growth and challenge offered by the Net. From the studies carried out for the agri-food sector and the ICT sector on .it names, as shown by the respective Registro Observatories, "FINe - Food in the Net" and "ICT in the Net", the growth trend in 2021 is also confirmed for very important sectors: there are almost 4 thousand domains in the "food" sector and over 12 thousand .it names in the ICT sector, although in the latter sector there is a drop in the curve of new registrations in 2022.

But 2022 will be the testing ground for the Italian digital transformation, with entrepreneurs, freelancers and citizens ready to bet on the web, without being constrained by the pandemic emergency. With the choice of a .it site, citizens will demonstrate the value of their online identity even in their daily lives, and entrepreneurs and freelancers will seize the opportunities and challenges of online business.

In a digitised country, ready to take off on the Web, one cannot - however - overlook a very important aspect: it is necessary to start with the very young, to begin educating them right from the start on the importance of the Web, the opportunities it offers, and the wide range of information available. And this has been, for over eleven years, the mission of the Ludoteca of the Registro .it, which intends to educate the new generations in the correct use of the Web, but at the same time to recognise its dangers and risks – by means of lessons in schools, seminars, games, ad hoc workshops, and participation in events. In the first four months of 2022, almost 1,000 children and young people played, experimented and learnt about Web and cybersecurity.