"Nabbovaldo, or rather the seasons at Internetopoli”, a compelling story inspired by the genius of Italo Calvino, written by a group of young pupils from Pisa province, has won the national .itContest competition. The competition promoted by the Italian Registry was won by the 1st year class of the Middle School "Anna Pardini" of Lajatico. They will receive the 1000 Euro "big cheque" prize for the winner, which can be spent on teaching materials.

"We chose to dedicate this competition to youngsters because a constant aspect of our mission is the education of future generations in the culture of the internet and in a mindful use of the most modern technologies", says Domenico Laforenza, director of the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the National Research Council and head of the Italian Registry.  "I am very pleased and proud to announce today the winner of the .itContest, which represents the first step towards the celebrations with which in 2017 we shall remember the 30 years since the first domain name with .it. This was cnuce.cnr.it, registered on the 23rd December 1987 right here in Pisa"

Three well-deserved special mentions:

  • Class 1C of the Istituto comprensivo "Gabriele D'Annunzio" of Salò, in Brescia province, which produced a 15-minute film on the theme of digital identity. Pupils’ participation was not limited merely to the acting, but also extended to research into the music, special effects and the creation of virtual scenarios.
  • Class 5A of the Primary School "Giosue Carducci" of Massa, which produced a video that was cleverly focused on the advantages that everyone can obtain by being represented on the Internet.
  • Class 4A of the Primary School "G. Geymonat" of Vicopisano, in Pisa province, for the work "Cindy and her … digital identity”. This is a collective story in cartoon format and animated with Scratch, a particular computer language which required the pupils to program in code.



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