10 years of the Ludoteca del Registro, with games, lessons and video (games)

In May 2021, the Ludoteca del Registro .it project - set up to spread Internet culture and educate young Internet users on the use of the Web and digital tools - will celebrate its first decade of life. To celebrate this birthday, three events will be held, on 6, 12 and 17 May; the Ludoteca’s staff, CNR researchers and experts from various backgrounds will participate to discuss digital education and cybersecurity. The celebration of the Ludoteca's decade will also be the occasion to launch the new videogame on cybersecurity, "Nabbovaldo e il ricatto dal Cyberspazio" (“Nabbovaldo and the cyber blackmail”), to spread - through play and fun - basic notions of Cybersecurity, computer terms and correct behaviour.

It was May 2011, the first edition of the Internet Festival, when the Ludoteca inaugurated its first workshops on the functioning of Web, IP addresses and e-mails. Since then, the Ludoteca del Registro .it has grown over the years, through various projects and creativity, including: schools, with lessons for children in primary and secondary schools; "Internetopoli", a multimedia application on the functioning of the Web, its use and the opportunities it offers; "Let's Bit!”, a peer education project that brings together two generations of digital natives, the older ones educating the younger ones; cybersecurity, with new recreational and educational workshops for the youngest primary school children with a set of ad hoc games.


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