Once again this year we'll be in the front row at the Internet Festival: from 6 to 9 October, at the Lumiere in Pisa, we're waiting for you with a jam-packed programme of events (all free) dedicated to small and medium enterprises, to start-ups, to rights and the Internet and to the future of technology and data that awaits us. See the programme of events.


  • 15.30 - 19.00 Internet and enterprise Making companies competitive with digital marketing: strategies and tools - An afternoon dedicated to tools and advice to help you adapt your business to an evolving and increasingly digital world. Annamaria Anelli, Miriam Bertoli, Enrico Marchetto and Alessio Semoli, moderated by Gianluca Diegoli, will explain how we can turn digital technology into a concrete tool to make our businesses better. Identifying the correct strategy, selling with Facebook, measuring performance and acquiring new customers are just a few of the many topics that will no longer be a mystery after this afternoon.

You can reserve your place here: https://www.eventbrite.it/e/biglietti-panel-internet-e-impresa-strategie-e-strumenti-internet-festival-27573091860 

  • 21.30 Gary Lucas in concert - Gary Lucas, called "one of the best and most original guitarists in America" by Rolling Stone Magazine, a "guitarist with a global guitar" by the New York Times and a "legendary leftfield guitarist" by The Guardian, is considered one of the most influential and respected guitarists alive today. He worked with Captain Beefheart's the Magic Band and co-wrote "Grace" and "Mojo Pin" with Jeff Buckley, played with Leonard Bernstein and collaborated with, among others, John Cale, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith and Nick Cave. Leader and founder of the cult band Gods and Monsters, he is an eclectic guitarist with post-modern attitude, a composer capable of expressing a complex yet universal language that runs the gamut from world music to avant-garde, to free jazz, avant-rock and the blues of his origins.


  •  15.00 - 17.00 The internet and startups The Registro 2016 .itCup - Registro.it's startup competition - Registro.it's .itCup is back for the fifth edition. It's a competition only for innovative ICT companies. We'll introduce the competition's five finalists to an audience of investors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, and we'll present the winner with a ticket to Silicon Valley
  • 18.30 30 years of the internet The internet, our rights - an event with Guido Scorza and Anna Masera - The fundamental rights that define us as men and women, as people and citizens, must be valid online just as they are offline. Too often, this vision does not correspond to reality. Anna Masera and Guido Scorza will present their book "Internet, i nostri diritti" (Internet, our rights), beginning with concrete cases and episodes from real life and referencing the Dichiarazione dei diritti in Internet (Declaration of internet rights) recently passed by the Chamber of Deputies. The event will be a reflection on what each of us must demand as digital citizens.
  •  23.00 Musicraiser Nights @Internet Festival - Three bands that rose to success through their Musicraiser crowdfunding campaigns perform on stage for Internet Festival's first Musicraiser Night. In collaboration with Registro.it.


  • 10.30 - 16.00 The internet and startups Bootstrap 2016 StartupItalia in collaboration with Registro.it - Twenty early-stage startups come together with 20 experts to exchange opinions and ask questions to learn what to aim for to reach success. No stage, no curtains and spotlights – just four worktables around which marketing managers, web and social media managers, journalists and CTOs of the most important Italian companies will get together, for new ideas and for startups. 
  • 18.30 - 20.00 30 years of the internet 30 years of high marks  - With Riccardo Luna and other special guests, we will revisit the stories of innovators who have used the internet to revolutionize our habits, the spaces in which we live, our relationships with others and our relationship with culture, information and finance. An event for reflection, together with great experts, to try to answer the question: How has the internet changed our lives over these thirty years, and how will it change our lives in the next thirty?
  • 20.00 - 21.30 30 years of the internet Login. Il giorno in cui l’Italia scoprì Internet - Presentation and screening of the documentary "Login. Il giorno in cui l’Italia scoprì Internet” (The day Italy discovered the internet), produced by Riccardo Luna, directed by Alice Tomassini. The exciting story of the first Italian connection to the internet by CNUCE CNR of Pisa, told by those who were part of it. 
  • 23.00 AnalogicoDigitale Music by Tony Vallini & Dome La Muerte - Ashvin is a project that was born in autumn of 2014 in the countryside near Pisa. The sounds of the new Goa scene meet the sounds of their roots, with one eye on the dance floor and the other on psychonautics. The duo, DJ and producer Tony Vallini and musician and DJ Dome La Muerte, have a sound that features a mix of modern rhythms accompanied by 1990s/early 2000 synthesizers and sequencers. Ashvin's two members complement each other perfectly; Tony represents the digital realm and Dome the analogue world. That's why they chose the name of a twin deity: Ashvin are the children of the cloud goddess and the sun god; in various Eastern cultures they are considered the doctors of the gods.


  • 11.00 - 13.00: Internet and citizenship Open Government: the reality behind the myth - What we can learn from administrations that are really opening up to citizens.  Politicians and administrators are speaking more and more about open government, the administrative practice in which public offices must be open to citizens, provide greater transparency in their work, encourage civic participation in decision-making and incentivize innovation (including technological innovation). To promote these values, an international project called "Open Government Partnership" was launched in 2011. It's a platform as part of which 70 countries – including Italy – attempt to combat the crisis of democracy. Often, however, this issue can produce a lot of hot air. That's why the experiences of various administrations (not only Italian) will be illustrated during the event, governments that are not simply talking about it, but really doing it. Examples that everyone can learn from.
  • 15.00 - 17.00 The internet and startups Premio Cambiamenti is a contest conceived by the CNA as part of the initiatives to celebrate its 70-year anniversary. Its aim is to reward a new company created within the last three years. At the local competition in Pisa, 15 start-ups will have three minutes to tell a jury from CNA Pisa about their project. The best will be selected to compete with the winners from all the other competitions throughout Italy at the finals in Rome on 30 November 2016. 
  • 17.00 - 18.00 Internet and enterprise These little big enterprises"-  Are Italian companies seizing the opportunities that the internet offers? A year of research, 11 publications. CNR and Il Sole 24 Ore will respond to this and other questions in a project focused on businesses and digital tools. 

Internet Festival will be an opportunity for studying and getting up to date, but also for networking, for those who work in the industry and those who don't. Follow all the events, in Pisa or through the Registry's channels with the hashtag #IF2016.

We'll be waiting for you!