Thirty years of .it domain names: per ricordare questa celebrazione e lasciare traccia di questa storica ricorrenza, 24 November sees the launch of an online celebration campaign.

Registro .it, has over 3 million names assigned to businesses, natural persons and freelance professionals, who have created their .it website and embarked on their digital adventure. This year marks an important anniversary: 30 years of .it, starting from December 1987, when IANA delegated the CNR in Pisa to manage the Italian Registry (at the time Registration Authority), and when the first domain name came into being (cnuce.cnr.it).

To celebrate this historic anniversary, Registro .it has organised a celebration event - “30 years of .it” – which takes place in Milan, at the Pelota, on 24 November. 

Together with 24 November, with its program rich in special guests and stories of digital experiences and projects, we are launching an online celebration with the hashtag #siamotuttipuntoit , which is active as from Friday 24 November at 10:00 with the publication, by everyone participating, of banners on the various websites. These can be requested directly from the staff of Registro .it at comunicazione@nic.it and can be accompanied by a social networking activity (e.g. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

You can join us too!


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