Ludoteca Cybersecurity labs at Lecce

During the Festival "Conversazioni sul Futuro" the Registry Ludoteca returns to Lecce with a stage dedicated to the Cybersecurity laboratories with schools. At the "Teatini nel frattempo" the morning of 25 and 26 October school students will take part in the laboratories that have a session explaining the theme and basic notions of Web security and an interactive session, with the help of simple team or individual games, which help participants to verify and grasp the rules of cybersecurity.

The games deal with various topics typical of cybersecurity: requests for contact from strangers, requests for personal data, including address and phone number, downloads from unknown websites, viruses, safe connections and authentication, etc.

The "dangerous" situations will be presented to the youngsters using the cartoon boards (inspired by the comic “Nabbovaldo e le stagioni a Internetopoli”).

Some games are team-based, so the youngsters can "negotiate" before answering, fostering cooperation and sharing of the problems to solve. Each game gives a cue for comment, discussion and reflection guided by the educators.

For further information on times and topics of the lessons: Officina dei bambini e delle bambine



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