At the time of Covid, Registro .it takes the field to support Italian companies in the ICT sector and reduces the registration fee of new ".it" domains. A reduction by € 1, compared to the € 4 usually paid by the Registrars, the companies accredited by the Registry for the management and assignment of domains, to open a new domain name. The measure is the result of a decision taken by the Board of Directors of the CNR, to which belongs the Institute for Informatics and Telematics, which manages the Registro.

The measure, expiring in December 2020, is aimed at providing immediate support to Italy, trying to encourage the opening of new online spaces, identity of our Country, by business and commercial activities that can help our economy by focusing on digital.

This is just the latest initiative in chronological order enforced by the Registry to soften the financial difficulties experienced by its accredited companies in the pandemic period. In fact, from mid-March to the end of June, Registro .it suspended the fees for registrations renewals, a significant economic volume equal to approximately € 800,000 per month, thus leaving liquidity to Registrars while the Country was in lockdown.

"The Italian Registry operates within the CNR and, for this reason, it is no-profit" - states Marco Conti, in charge of Registro .it. "We are committed to providing Italy with a high-quality domain names registration service, also thanks to the innovation capacity of the CNR. At the same time, we try to help the companies operating in the sector. On this occasion, we suspended renewal fees during the pandemic emergency and now, during the restart, we are working to help our Country recover by lowering the fees for new registrations".

The Italian domain registration activity never stopped during the lockdown phase.  On the contrary, the numbers have increased by 2.5% compared to the same period in 2019. The number of domains registered as of July 2020 is about three million and 238 thousand and, thus, Registro .it took the seventh place in the ranking of Country Code Top Level Domains.

"The measures adopted so far - concludes Conti - also aim to facilitate the transition to digital by companies and professionals. We are trying to encourage them to open their own window on the Internet which, as shown by the economic data during the pandemic, is increasingly becoming the right tool to reach and expand the customer portfolio, at any time and in any situation".


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